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Wooden Carpathian Souvenirs

A wooden souvenir is a great gift

The Ukrainian Carpathians are famous not only for their healing climate but also for their unique natural wooden souvenirs. Picturesque boxes, kitchen utensils, and handmade wooden gifts will certainly remind you of your unforgettable holidays in the Carpathians.

Nowadays wooden souvenirs are very popular not only in Ukraine but also abroad. A wooden souvenir is a wonderful gift for your relatives, friends, and colleagues at work as well. Products made of wood are much more eco-friendly than Chinese plastic ones.

Wooden Carpathian Souvenirs Manufacturing Process

Preparation and drying of the necessary materials will be the first stage of production of wooden Carpathian souvenirs. You can buy high-quality wood, but it is better to harvest it yourself in the forest.

You have to do a lot of work to do this because high-quality, environmentally friendly wood does not grow by the road.

Once the master has selected the material, it is treated with a special solution to protect the wood from moisture and parasites.

After that, the manufacturing process begins. Wooden souvenirs are only coated with paint or lacquer at the very end to give the product a marketable condition.

Types of wooden souvenirs

There are different sizes and types of wooden souvenirs. From mascots, various wooden boxes and bottles to animal and human figures. They are made from about 1-2 days and up to 6 months. But there is one nuance to this. Wooden souvenir, production of which needs more than two weeks, available only on request.

The range of wooden souvenirs in the online store "Carpathian Products" is over a hundred items. In other words, you can offer the best option for each of your customers. A custom-tailored approach is an important feature!

To buy wooden souvenirs wholesale and retail

You will find beautiful souvenirs for any event on the pages of "Carpathian Products" shop. Skilled managers will help you decide. Wooden souvenirs, presented here, are made by the best Ukrainian masters. Unique and refined Carpathian Ukrainian wooden souvenirs you can buy in Internet shop "Carpathian products" in retail and wholesale at affordable prices.

We're selling souvenirs for resale as well. Therefore, our prices will enable you to set up a good margin, but leave the cost of the product attractive to the buyers.

We provide a smooth and promptly supply of wooden souvenirs.

Absolutely all wooden souvenirs are made of valuable species of wood - oak and ash, and sometimes there is juniper. They are unique natural materials perfectly suitable for processing due to their qualities. The products made of such woods are pleasantly fragrant for a long time, it positively affects human health.

Wooden souvenirs are only coated with environmentally friendly substances.

We do not use patina on our products, so the structure of wood is clearly visible on them and it does not lose its naturalness. We use only wax-based mastics.

And we don't use any dyes in our wooden souvenirs, to prevent the wood carving principle from being broken.

Souvenirs made of wood are gorgeous and they will give solidity to your home or to a gift for your family or friends.