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Bathhouse accessories are practical and very necessary items, which makes the bath cleaning process as comfortable and safe as possible for your health. Well chosen accessories for sauna or bath will make your rest more useful and the interior more colorful. The cooperage products for sauna have a number of convenient accessories to make your time in the sauna a true ritual experience.

Wooden products are the most popular choice for the interior design of saunas or baths. Small-sized wooden plates, an impressive bathing bucket or a comfortable sand clock not only become essential assistants during bathing but also will help you to create a special atmosphere of relaxation and purification.

Everything for the bathhouse

To make your bathroom cozy, you should choose only handmade bathroom accessories. Wooden products, both natural and author's, will not only perfectly complement the bathhouse, but will also give a luxurious healing aroma of the wood. Wooden accessories for the steam room makes all bathing manipulations both traditional and healthy.

In Western Ukraine, the focus is not only on the colorful wooden bath accessories but also on properly prepared brooms. The bath broom is prepared with special brushwood, dried on the heating furnace. Due to the special drying technology, a natural bathing broom will help you to clean the body effectively and will prevent the development of various diseases as well.

The traditional bathing in Western Ukraine involves not only the presence of a variety of natural bath accessories but also a special tea ceremony. After taking a sauna, take a cup of Carpathian tea or special collections of herbs and berries will bring a special recovery to the body. Moreover, special herbal soap and bath salt will help you to reconstruct the traditions of the Western region bathing ceremony, and you can perfectly relax with them.

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