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Fabric products

Fabric products

Fabric products are always fashionable, practical and very stylish. Fabric products of the author's work can help to accentuate the uniqueness of an image and give a maximal comfort during wearing. Knitwear made of natural fibers have not only a number of healing properties, but they are the most durable as well. That' s why original knitted dresses, jumpers or other accessories always remain in trend. One more advantage of the author's handmade fabric products is their exclusivity.

Embroidery on fabric things or accessories in the Ukrainian style is a popular and effective choice. The embroidery on a fabric made by Ukrainian craftsmen is a symbol of Ukraine and a lucky talisman. "Hand-knotted" socks with embroidered ornament are even more than just a daily sock. These exclusive socks can be a memorable and very important gift. When choosing embroidered fabric products, you should pay attention to the embroidered patterns. A poppy, for example, symbolizes wellbeing, and traditional Ukrainian ornaments are defense talismans against impure force. That' s why the embroidered fabric products presented in Western Ukraine, both stylish and very practical amulet.

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Elegant wicker handbags are no less popular. Not only are these accessories suitable for the beach or picnic, but also for creating a unique look. The eye-catching combination of fashionable colors and various "chips" will help you to correctly emphasize the chosen clothing style. The extra advantage of fabric bags is their high resistance to wear. After many years, this handbag will not lose its former allure.

The wicker products are also relevant for interior design. It is wicker baskets that fashion designers choose to create a special feeling of comfort and chic inside the house or office. Moreover, various decorated elements for baskets are not uncommon enough to create a special atmosphere. The décor for wicker baskets may be in the format of lace or embroidered capes as well. This depends on the purpose and destination of this exquisite piece of art.

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