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Rubber galoshes Wholesale
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Galoshes silicone with pattern (wholesale)
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Rubber products and rubber footwear

Rubber products:: To buy rubber galoshes wholesale

Nowadays, comfortable galoshes are an essential element of clothing for efficient gardening. With waterproof rubber galoshes, it is easy to perform a wide variety of works in the garden at any season. The most popular are rubber footwear made in the Western region of the country.

The rubber products made in Ukrainian Carpathians are characterized by maximum lightness and durability. In such footwear, the legs will be reliably protected from cold or moisture even in the worst weather. Carpathian galoshes feature is their rubberized sole, giving a high wear resistance to the product. Moreover, we now offer galoshes of various colors and designs, as a result, any work at your country house can be transformed into a real " trendy verdict ". The new galoshes can be made both with national Ukrainian ornaments and with the coloring " as a leopard", so this kind of footwear could become an original gift for a gardener.

The silicone galoshes with a print are especially popular thanks to the Carpathian craftsmen. In addition to its stylish appearance, these rubber footwear never rubs and has high stability on any surface. The silicone galoshes are non-slip and water resistant so that this garden accessory is suitable for rainy season farming.

Wholesale rubber galoshes

To buy rubber galoshes wholesale is easy with Internet shop "Carpathian products". With a bright and handy catalog of detailed descriptions for each product, you can quickly find the best and most convenient galoshes to do gardening. You can buy galoshes in the online store "Carpathian Products" both wholesale and retail. So, if you are looking for the most original and practical gift, the galoshes will become a true find for you. You will also find a convenient discount system for wholesale orders. That' s why with our online shop you can buy universal and convenient galoshes for all your family members.

In order to order household goods, you only have to contact the managers of the online store "Carpathian Products" or use the feedback form on our website.

Internet shop " Carpathian products " is wholesale prices for high-quality galoshes and prompt delivery across the country.

To buy galoshes rubber wholesale - +38 098 09 49 888