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Art painting and decoupage

Art painting and decoupage

Art painting and decoupage from Carpathian craftsmen

In the high-tech world, when you can choose a gift just recently invented and put on mass production, people are increasingly paying attention to the old, but not forgotten art forms that can to give birth to interesting objects you can give as a gift to a loved one. The leading position is occupied by art paintings and decoupage. So why do people buy and give each other such gifts? Actually it' s simple - these things are made by human hands and that's exactly what people appreciate nowadays. For example, people had no other choice before, but now there is a choice - you can buy some luminous and running frog or a beautifully carved wooden product with decoupage. Art painting, in turn, can be applied to products made of plastic, wood, iron, clay, bone and other materials as well. Fantasy flight is high, so you will have a choice of standard blanks to absolutely unique artworks.

Art painting

We sell many interesting things, but if you want to buy ready-made material and try to do design by yourself, then we have blanks for creative work for you. Also, you can buy them as a gift to a person concerned about art and can make a beautiful drawing. Because it will help him to spend some time alone with his thoughts and fantasies. Remember to see what he has achieved afterward - he will enjoy your attention.

A lot of people also like dishes. Doesn' t every mother have hidden decanters, plates, saucers, etc. somewhere? Or, perhaps, they stand in the most prominent place as decorative elements. Anyway, we have plates for painting and decoupage. You can get together all the family in the evening in the same room and begin to create history, as the next generations will appreciate not the old sofa, left to them by inheritance, but the things you did by yourself, and especially if you did it as a family.

The painting was initially done by individual masters, but between the 17th and 18th centuries, entire settlements and localities began to deal with this type of art. Nowadays one can hardly find people with this kind of hobby, but there are enough individual masters doing the painting with high quality.

You can find more than plates in our shop:

Well, before the New Year's Eve, people call on us to buy New Year's toys blanks in advance. It's nice to get such a gift, isn't it?

There are many reasons to work with us, but the main ones are:

  • Easy-to-go, non-formal, but a professional manner of approach to each client;
  • Availability of all necessary quality related documentation
  • Attractive prices that anyone will be interested in.

Nowadays, art painting and decoupage are firmly established in the civilized world. At the same time, we even started to go to the theatres more often and prefer their 4D cinema. There is no doubt that you keep up with the times, but you should not forget your history and your origins. So in our shop, you will find everything you need to not only fantasize but also surprise people with your taste for modern life, where the space for art is expanding. Even Lord Byron and Picasso were fond of decoupage, and in today's world the fashion for it hasn't fallen - it is only reborn, and in the near future, these products will be much more valuable than it is now, both literally and figuratively.

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