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Wooden souvenirs as a gift

Wooden souvenirs as a gift


Sometimes it can be difficult to choose a gift because in front of a person arises a complex and difficult choice. Anyone wants to please their beloved ones and relatives with an original gift, so why not order a wooden one?

It could be anything: beer mugs, caskets, dishes, watches, pens, bracelets, smoking pipes, and candlesticks - this is a wide range of choices. As well as being a decorative gift, this gift will also have practical applications, for example, very original wooden bottle holders.

As well as being famous for their resorts, the Ukrainian Carpathians are also famous for their skilled woodworkers. Each Carpathian masterpiece is a real piece of art.


The way the famous Carpathian wooden souvenir is made


Carpathians masters carefully choose suitable materials for their products.


  1. You have to choose a tree. It is very important. It doesn't have to grow near bustling highways. The wood is an environmentally friendly material, so you should look for a woodcut deep in the forest. This kind of product would have a pleasant forest aroma.

  2. It is important to process the material because it protects the wood from pests and moisture. It should be a durable gift.

  3. And only after that is it possible to start the manufacturing process. When the work is finished, the final product is varnished.

The time of product manufacturing depends on the master and complexity of work. All items are made on a custom basis. It may take 2-3 days, 1-2 weeks or several months for this.

Small-scale woodwork, such as talismans, animal figurines, beer mugs, and wooden magnets are usually made quickly. However, certain products, like pipes, require a comprehensive approach, and especially when customers require additional decorative elements as well. For examples of Carpathian souvenirs, see http://vurobukarpat.com.ua/suveniry/.