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Wooden Boxes

Wooden Boxes


Are you still looking for gifts for your loved ones, relatives and friends? If so, you have to think about wooden products with inscriptions and burning pictures on them. These gifts will be pleasant for both the younger generation and older people. They are symbolic in character, as well as a gift-givers memory and as a practical gift.


Well, what's good about wooden objects?


The wood is a material you can use in the kitchen, at home and buy toys for children from an ecological perspective. With proper wood preparation, processing and cleaning, it is as safe as possible and durable as possible.

On birthdays of young girls, girls, and women, and on other holidays, many are considering buying wooden boxes. It is a good enough and interesting choice. Because the person who receives this gift will be able to independently dispose of what to put in it, where to place and how to store it. It is a great field for fantasy and usability. Virtually all items made of wood are presentable for a long time, and if properly cared for, they are very durable. Since childhood, many people have seen or remembered large chests in their grandmothers in comoras, who have kept their beautiful appearance for decades, and at the same time kept valuable things there.


How to decorate a wooden box?


To be a unique and original gift, it is enough to order an inscription, engraving or burning of a name, or wishes, or some important words on it. It is essential for a birthday boy or anybody who gets this box to have an idea of what you mean. The options:


  1. Burning a drawing;

  2. Burning the date, words wishes;

  3. Embedding a lock with a key.

There are many options to come up with and decorate it to be beautiful and interesting. Giving such a gift to a loved one on a great date will not only give him an aesthetic pleasure but also even more importance. Sizes can be different, but it is better to ask the person you want to give that - what kind of stuff he would like to store, for example, inside so interesting box or chest. It’s important for this item to have a practical application for it.




All gifts are unique by their design and shape. So, ordering a box made of natural wood, try to come up with a picture, an inscription or a meaningful phrase for the masters. The Hutsul masters can make everything very well and accurately, so you will be really impressed by it.