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Kitchen utensils made of vines

Kitchen utensils made of vines


There are many advantages to wicker plates, trays, vases and breadbaskets:


  • The dishes like this are not breaking. You can easily take it with you on a picnic without any fear of breaking it;

  • Eco-friendly stuff. The admirers of a healthy and natural lifestyle would be delighted;

  • Historical and ethnic value. It is considered to be cookware used by our ancestors. That’s why using this cookware we pay tribute to our history by addressing our ancestors.


Furthermore, there are a number of practical advantages. You can keep bread, simple snacks and sweets in the wicker dishes. They are easy to care for and can last for years with proper care.

Vine weaved items will adorn not only any picnic but any feast as well. These dishes offer comfort and coziness. It is no surprise that many cafes and restaurants use wicker ware to highlight the high class and to create a homelike atmosphere.


The way the kitchen utensils are made of vines.


All dishes are handmade. This is a long and painstaking job. First, it is necessary to prepare the vine, as a rule. There are different trees and shrubs used in different countries for this purpose. In Ukraine, for example, a vine or willow is used, while in the United States, sedge, cercis or reed is used. In Asian countries, rattan or young bamboo is used for this.

It is not only the dishes that can be braided, but also the furniture and furniture of this kind are considered prestigious and expensive. There are whole schools in many countries, training masters of weaving and a huge number of workshops around the world.

Usually, dishes are custom ordered, but you can buy and ready-made vine dishes are available usually in the kitchen department. In many cultures around the world, vine weaving is an integral part of history as well.


Wicker dishes for a gift or souvenir


This is a very good tradition of giving wicker kitchen utensils. This gift is a universal one. Dishes need everyone, but especially this kind of status cookware. New tableware emits pleasant woody notes. Many people even collect such dishes in an effort to find rare examples.

There is a huge range of wicker breadbaskets, stands, trays and vases of different shades can decorate the interior of any kitchen and create a cozy and warm ambiance. Wicker utensils are perfectly matched to modern kitchen appliances, creating a sense of confluence between past and present time.