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Get your wooden glasses and mugs

Get your wooden glasses and mugs


All of us like to embellish our lives with something unusual, to add a bit of brightness to their lives. It often helps to get back to history, to the point of authenticity. If you feel like you're in the shoes of your ancestors, do something like tradition predicted, you can have a lot of fun.

It is nice that our country has a great history and there are people who keep it and allow you and others to touch it. In the shop, you can buy a lot of beautiful items made by real masters. For example, to drink beer, not from glass but does it likes ancient Germans, Hutsuls and Vikings - using a wooden mug. You will enjoy this just more than an ordinary pub party.


Well, that's worth considering when choosing


Wooden beer glass will allow you not only to feel all the notes of the hopped drink but also to feel the pleasant natural flavor of the forest, pine needles. In this way, the drink will be even brighter and more pleasant for you.

It is important to ensure that the quality of this product is sufficient to allow you to fully understand the pleasure of the process without being distracted by the disadvantages, for example, that the beer is leaking or the unfinished wood makes you feel some uncomfortable. Metal flasks are used inside these glasses, which not only preserve the taste of beer but also keep it cool for a long time. The wooden body should also be made qualitatively, polished and finished. Typically, to finish these kinds of wood are used:


  • Oak;

  • Nut;

  • Javoras;

  • Beech.


They are the most durable materials to make this souvenir almost eternal.

Besides the fact that such products are really good to enjoy a drink in a good company in a summer evening, they are perfect at any interior, and they will look great in a kitchen of a real housewife, as well as they will be especially appropriate in a bath or sauna. This souvenir cannot be useless; there are also many interesting things you can find in a wooden souvenir group.

You can make such a gift even more pleasant by decorating the glass with a special engraving, as the wood is a very good, and easy-to-work material. You can carve a special sign or word on the body of the mug for a loved one. It will always remind him/her about you in good moments of life. A high-quality souvenir made of eco-friendly material is always a good gift idea for any person, regardless of whether you know it well or not. You will not be wrong if you choose to do so.