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Burn-out-printing on wood

Burn-out-printing on wood


Shopping for kitchen items is a very pleasant process, especially for housewives. Every woman knows how and what she wants to have in her kitchen and, in general, in her house.

Getting spoons, boards, plates made of wood with a name or a compliment on them is a very interesting and exciting deal. In the first place, it's a compliment, and in the second one, it's a permanent memory tag. She will use this item every day and remember the person who gave it to her anyway.


What makes these products better?


As a matter of fact, a person can choose something he wants to see on a wooden spoon or chopping board on his own. There is an advantage of wooden objects on which the emblem, name or picture is burned:


  1. Durability;

  2. Practicality;

  3. Originality;

  4. Versatility;

  5. Uniqueness.


You can order the desired inscription while working all the wishes about the color, font, place of burning, as well as the object on which you want to do it will be taken into account. If you do not decide what you want, you can choose or order similar examples.


Buying spatulas with burning out elements


It will be a pleasure for any homeowner or housewife to get a gift as a wooden spatula, where a wish or a compliment will be burnt. These gifts will leave a pleasant imprint, and memory, and above all will be useful in the kitchen. It should be noted that these inscriptions never get washed away, spoil down and are not removed like ink or even persistent dye.


So how's the burning process going


As a rule, wooden products are taken, their surface is ground to the ideal one, so the object is not touched and the inscription is not spoiled after burning. This is a fast process and you can get the inscription of your beloved wife on any wooden product. You can also choose a font, interval or to add a picture from the list, or to add your personal option.

The pyrographic method is used for a long time, for some time it was not popular, but nowadays fashion for unique and original products returns, so demand is high. The unusual kitchen spatula with the image and inscription on it will be appreciated by any lady.

These products have an average statistical price as for valuable gifts as well as for presents for memory and handy item. The rules for saving and care are simple. The most important thing to remember to get it wet, as it is a wooden piece and it can lose it elasticity and surface going a little rough.