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Kitchen utensils made of metal

Kitchen utensils made of metal


We use a variety of tools for cooking, which make this process much easier.

To get garlic juice from garlic cloves, we use a garlic presser, to open a can - a can opener, to make mashed potatoes - a push tool and so on.

Simple dishes cannot be cooked without special metal devices, and not to mention more complex dishes where you need to make a dough mix, remove bones or make a good chop.


How to choose the best kitchen utensils


It’s very difficult to cook a delicious dish if there are no suitable accessories. Sometimes it is necessary to apply some physical effort, so it is better to choose accessories made of metal. These items will last a long time, do not absorb odors and are easy to clean even in dishwashers.

Choosing kitchen utensils, remember that the chopping board should be made of wood or strong plastic, and the crown should be made of metal. Kitchen metal items have very high requirements; they must be not only durable but also environmentally friendly. It is very important to avoid harmful elements getting into our food during cooking.


What kind of kitchen utensils are particularly popular


They are the things we use in the kitchen every day:


  • Metal ladle. It' s essential for making soups or borscht soups;

  • A colander. Required when cooking pasta or when you need to rinse rice for pilaf;

  • A push tool. Makes mashed potatoes easier.


You can also pick up sets of spoons, forks, openers, skimmers, and many other items that are essential in the kitchen. It is important to note the popularity of various spatulas, used when cooking a variety of dishes.

But it is especially important to choose proper kitchen utensils. For instance, do not use a metal spatula on ceramic and non-stick pans when choosing it. Silicone or wooden spatula is the best choice for such pans.

If you wish, you can also buy exotic accessories, for example, a metal or glass jar grip. It is a special device that allows you to carry a glass jar safely without fear of dropping or breaking it. It is undoubtedly one of the most useful things in the kitchen.