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Kitchen chopping board

Kitchen chopping board


Wooden kitchen utensils have a centuries-old history. Nobody can say exactly who invented it and when the first chopping board appeared. In the Stone Age, a stone block was considered to be a chopping board, and animal carcasses were chopped on it. Hardly such "chopping board" was user-friendly and easy to care for, but a man inherently aspires to comfort. After a while, the leader in the kitchen was a wooden chopping board.

Kitchen utensils have not changed much since then. The chopping board is used to chop food, as well as for serving and delivering ready-made meals to the table. It is difficult to conceive of a modern kitchen with no chopping board. If we are going to cut and chop something, we need a knife and a board.

The kitchen chopping boards manufacturers are making a great variety of different chopping boards, from traditional rectangular wooden boards to vitrified clay ones, with built-in gadgets for the consumer. However, the material for manufacturing of boards is not so great. These are wood, plastic, and glass-encapsulated ceramics ones.


How many chopping boards do you need for your kitchen?


The kitchen must have a separate board for cutting raw food, a board for cutting meat and fish, a board for sausages and a board for bread. Bacteria in raw meat and fish may be found and remain on the surface of the board for a long time. Even detergent and hot water cannot guarantee the complete elimination of all bacteria.

Separate boards for cutting fish and meat are even better. The fish smell is quite persistent and it is difficult to eliminate it after the first wash.

To avoid confusion, you can buy boards of different shapes, sizes or colors. There is a wide range of choices.


The chopping board's choosing in detail


So what do you need to remember when choosing a kitchen board?

Sure, material at first. The board's material must be eco-friendly, hard and not blunt with a knife blade.

The second criteria of choice for the board are whether it is easy and good to cleanse it from dirt and grease.

If you want to choose the best kitchen board for you, pay attention to the handles, rings, and grooves for liquids runoff.

Although there is a wide range of plastic, glass and even stone kitchen boards, the most popular of them are made of wood.     

The traditional chopping board material is hardwood. This is the most environmentally friendly and natural material.

The wood is soft, rough and elastic, and knives are not blunt on it, and the food is not moving on the board. Both the qualities and the cost are dependent on the type of wood - hardwood (oak, acacia, beech) is better and more durable. The boards can be made of solid wood or they can be glued from separate fragments as well.


The chopping board is a beauty on the kitchen


There are many decorative boards on sale, both original and unusual in shape, decorated in ethnic style, carved boards, and burned ones.  These chopping boards will be a great complement to the kitchen interior and will add zest and coziness. You can also use them as intended, if one side of the worker, but better to pin them up, and they will look great.

A nice chopping board would be a great gift to any housewife.