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Drawings for burning on wood

Drawings for burning on wood


Drawings for burning on the wood are necessary to achieve the real result in the very process. They ensure you get the image you expect of your original material. It is always necessary to prepare several images and make a choice before applying them to the wood. If not, you can damage your material, and it cost more than just preparing the drawings as a stencil. There are a number of burning methods.


  • Pyrotyping

  • Pyrography

  • Hot-sand or open-fire burning

  • With a magnifying glass and sun rays

  • With acids

  • By friction on a lathe


Drawings for burning on wood


It is necessary for your child to grow and to get involved with pyrography, a kind of arts and crafts, will help to develop not only the motor skills of a child's hands but also his perseverance, so often lacking in adults.

Drawings for burning on wood can be different. They are often applied with patterns of different geometric shapes, like flowers. Drawing of portraits, composite drawings, and creative fantasies can be done by more experienced authors. The stencil drawing also requires special skills that only come with experience. Are there any pyrographic courses in your city? If not, check out the old stuff or your garage. Many people have basic electric burners in their homes. The system of burning itself is simple, just a rather long and painstaking process, and one that everyone should learn. Remember to properly treat the surface of the wood before burning, specifically, to grind it carefully and to process with chalk dissolved in water. This way the image will be of high quality and properly designed as per the technology used. There is also a stamp. The points of the future drawing, when it is reasonable to use it, you should not use on the tracing paper. You can add it later on to your nearly finished work. And it will be quite extraordinary.

We provide both burning materials and finished products. You can find out more about it on our website. Do you want to order an individual image? No problem! We are ready to do exactly what you need based on your sketch. To do this, please contact our managers or email. We will answer you in the near term and you will get a great variant of both decoration and functional object of the daily use. Drawings for burning on the wood are on our website http://vurobukarpat.com.ua/dlya-kukhni/vyjyganye-po-derevu.


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