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Burning on wood

Burning on wood


Burning on wood is the oldest and most traditional way to decorate wood and wood-based materials. Any form of burning on wood can be found in any culture. In ancient times, burning was done with the special mark sharpened to a certain pattern or metal rods, which heated red, whereas wooden panels of houses, beams, shutters were often burned with a heated poker or sword...


Decoration of chopping boards by burning


Nowadays, burning out was perceived and still is seen by many as a kind of "folk" craftsmanship, like arts and crafts. Nobody burns with a poker today, of course. There is a laser engraving machine for making it in our technological time.

Applying the desired image (drawings, inscriptions, textures, etc.) on the product with a laser engraving machine is a mechanism of transferring to the product surface a simulated image from the computer screen by a laser emitter.

In the laser (laser engraving machine), the light from the lamp is focused into the beam and transmitted through a system of mirrors or optical fibers to the lens, which acquires its final focus and falls on the engraved material. During the laser engraving process, the top layer or layers are removed (burned out, evaporated), thus creating indentations on the surface of the material, the combinations of which give the necessary image or inscription. The laser engraving machine can not only cut materials. A more complete and beautiful product turns out to be by using a combined technique when engraving and vector cutting allows you to create true masterpieces with ideal accuracy. It is possible to engrave glass, leather, wood, paper, plastic, ceramics and even jeans fabric, applying almost any patterns or images on them.


Making a layout (picture) for burning on wood


Layouts can be designed by our design team or used as a ready-made layout provided by the customer. When you provide a layout for making clichés in electronic form, files are accepted in vector format only - Corel Draw up to X6 inclusive, and Adobe Illustrator up to CS6 inclusive are used. Black-and-white image, fonts must be converted to curves, and all elements must be 1:1 in size. Only in CMYK format, 100% black and 100% white for imported objects. Also *.ps, *.pdf files are accepted. The layout must be made in black and white. Moreover, you should know that the white objects in the finished product will be pressed in. Also, it is necessary to specify the exact dimensions and the desired material of the cliché.

We also offer a wide range of ready-made layouts of different topics for different sizes of chopping boards.




Price includes:


  • The design of the layout;

  • Vector image creation.


It depends on the complexity of the drawing and technical characteristics of the vector layout to be transferred to the chopping board.

The key factor in pricing is the time taken for the burning itself. It is cheaper to burn than to engrave.

Prices for tailor-made products are calculated for each customer individually.

The minimum batch of the individual product order (including layout design) is 50 pieces.

You can order burning at retail using one of our ready-made layouts collections.